About the book

In our racially tensed society Black Americans are searching for a culture and history that is distinctively theirs which in turn would instill pride and self-worth.

V.Carter Horne opened his book with this statement in 2011 based on what he wrote from 1995-2011…and he says today it still rings true.  As protesters take to the streets demanding rights due to Black people, many  embody the essence of being “A Black Patriot. The Real American.”

Regardless of your age, political stance, education or economic state, this book will capture your interest and stir your thoughts and emotions relative to being Black in America.

Over more than 15 years, Horne observed issues and challenges facing Black Americans.  There is no way you’ll agree with everything he writes.  But his thoughts will pull you from page to page…

And sometimes make you Laugh….Sometimes make you Angry….But most of all Make You Think.