We Can’t End Racism…..

All Blacks in the south weren’t slaves.  Contrary to popular thought, some were wealthy and owned slaves themselves. Many fought for the Confederacy, some voluntarily others involuntarily. Some won metals and became heroes (one such was man, Henry Bolden). The Confederate Battle Flag is my history and heritage, (because Black people built the Confederacy) just like slavery is also part of the White man’s history. If you are an American then you are part of all American history not just some of it  — but the good and the bad.

A class being offered at a local university was entitled,”Race and Society.” The last part of the class discussed ways to end Racism. It seemed a waste of time to discuss ways to end racism when racism is a by-product of the sinful nature of man. Before Racism men discriminated against each other based on nationalism. The Egyptians enslaving the Hebrews, British over-running the Irish, Japanese against the Koreans, Germans conquering the Poles and recently Serbia attacking Albania, for nationalism and Religion not Race. People have discriminated against and oppressed each other based on sex, looks, size, income and class. Racism, along with other discriminatory practices, is a sin problem and the sin problem will not be eradicated until God conquers it in His own time. All we can do is try and control sin, keep it at bay and learn to live above its consequences. Those of us who are Born-Again Christians can’t get rid of sin either. We can only work on trying to resist it or  reduce it, and try to live above its temptations. I think the discussion we should be having is not about determining ways on how to end racism, but rather how to live above it, and not let it destroy us.