About V. Carter

The Real American

V. Carter Horne was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. He was a dedicated soldier in the United States Army during the Viet Nam war and received an honorable discharge after many years of faithful service. After discharge, he began seminary education at Aenon Bible College and has been an ordained minister in the state of Illinois for more than 20 years. As a minister, Horne volunteered for many years as a Bible teacher at Cook County Jail and a Sunday school teacher at his local church. Horne also has worked for more than 15 years for the State of Illinois Department of Agriculture. “At 62, and a husband for more than 30 years, a father of four children and a grandfather of thirteen, I understand that there’s nothing more important in society than strong traditional families and the sanctity of life. These are the foundations for a strong and prosperous society. I have written and published a book titled, "A Black Patriot: The Real American.” It presents my view that the black man is an American patriot because he is a true American. The black man has become American by virtue of his suffering and all he’s given to the discovery, development and future destiny of this country. For this, and for all we’ve contributed, we must be patriotic and we must take pride in our citizenship of this great land.” Horne currently resides in the Beverly community with his wife Barbara.


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